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Using digital to rethink complex, legacy-based problems

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Through digital software development, we completely reimagined the technological oversight of mines and helped bring digital governance to the industry in BC.Digital | UI/UX | IA | Technology | Web & App Development
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Project summary
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The Government of British Columbia needed to reimagine mining industry oversight. Legacy systems could not support cross-ministry and cross-jurisdictional needs for uploading mining data — and did little to alleviate the ministry's dependence on time-consuming, manual processes. 
An integrated, government/contractor team worked collaboratively to rethink the entire technology ecosystem used for mining oversight at the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources. Through one of the largest agile projects the province had ever taken on, we helped create Mines Digital Service (MDS): a multifaceted system of applications containing three core products. 
“They set the precedent for quality code with strong development capabilities. Our user-friendly design also largely comes from EY Design Studio input.”
Jillian Carruthers
Director of Digital Services, EAO and Mines
Net new functionalities60%+ CORE, MineSpace, BC Mine Information
Technical review score20.5/21Passed with flying colours
Scored4.5/5On quality, schedule and cost client reviews
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Technology usedCore technology stack
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