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Improving physical accessibility through better online experiences

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Rick Hansen Foundation logoBy redesigning the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Registry Platform, we created smoother user experiences to open up time, resources and opportunities. UI/UX | Web & App Development | Technology
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Project summary
The Rick Hansen Foundation’s Accessibility Certification is a national rating system that assesses and certifies building and site accessibility. By helping organizations identify barriers and improve accessibility, the Registry positively impacts the nearly 50% of adults in Canada who have experienced a permanent or temporary physical disability or live with someone who has. The Registry’s online platform was difficult for stakeholders to use. Time-consuming, manual processes slowed progress. The application was held back by outdated technology which limited the ability to modernize, and the registry itself was disconnected from the foundation’s CRM.
We set out to enhance digital accessibility, grounding new designs on simplicity and user experience. We addressed pain points preventing users from effectively interacting with the platform across their user journey. Through a modern, flexible and scalable tech stack, we ensured the platform could grow and evolve with user needs. To support ongoing enhancements and improvements, we developed intricate modules using frameworks that facilitate seamless code modifications. Overall, we created an enhanced and accessible user experience, through a future-proof modernization of the platform. 
Craft an inclusive digital experience, weaving accessibility into every pixel so anyone can easily navigate the platform. Draw on our commitment to universal design and foster a web environment where users’ needs are met with elegance.
Rick Hansen desktop mockup
“We all agree that this is, so far, the easiest accessibility testing.”
Laetitia Mfamobani
Accessibility Specialist, Marketing & Communications, Rick Hansen Foundation 
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Liked by the client, loved by the usersThe client has received stellar feedback from diverse user groups about the new registry since its launch.
A full house, serving:
  • 600+ organizations
  • 2,000+ sites/ratings
  • 1,200+ users
Design-led innovationThe new design system embodies simplicity, streamlines processes and helps in enhancing intuitiveness at every stage of the rating process.
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New look, new technologyWe built the new Rick Hansen Accessibility Registry from scratch using the latest tech stack to address client needs.
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